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Dynamics GP - Year End Closing


As part of the year end closing process, make sure to do the following:

  • Backup The Dynamics database and all company databases

  • Run Check Links and Reconcile on the company databases

  • Review all GL accounts to ensure they are set to the appropriate Posting Type. SmartList can be used for this review.

If you need assistance in closing your year, call Island Micro Solutions. We are here to help!


Computer Voodoo - When odd things happen on your computer


The longer a computer runs without a restart the more junk builds up causing issues ranging from connectivity to security to performance (and the list goes on). Rebooting a computer gives it a fresh start and can fix many of these issues.


Generally it is a good practice to reboot your computer every few days (at a minimum).


Dynamics GP - When the GL Account Number Display is Truncated


Depending on the number and length of your GL account segments, the account number display may be truncated on some windows.


You can adjust the account number display within Dynamics GP by going to Tools è Setup è Company è Account Format and changing the Display Width on each segment from "Standard" to "Expansion 1" or "Expansion 2" or "Expansion 3". This allows more room for that segment to display on the window.


If your account number is very large (e.g. 6 segments with a total length of 30) this approach may not be effective. The Modifier with VBA module can be used to expand the display even more.