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Always Someone There


"I am pleased to recommend Island Micro Solutions to anyone needing business software and/or service. There is always someone on their end of the line ready and able to help us."


Alan Gottlieb, Treasurer

Ponoholo Ranch, Limited


Improved Productivity


"We have completed the installation, setup and the reconciliation of all historical data files and begun generating reports from Cognos PowerPlay. We are happy to report that what took us days, we are now privileged in getting in hours or sometimes minutes."


Dennis Maeda, Senior Vice President

Hawaiian Host


Excellent Consulting and Maintenance Support


"Island Micro Solutions has provided excellent consulting and maintenance support for our Great Plains accounting system over the past several years... Douglas Meador's professional conduct and extraordinary service demonstrate his outstanding dedication to customers and the overall well being of the organizations he services. I would highly recommend them.”


Ruth M. Chatterton, Accounting Manager

The Oceanic Institute


Instrumental in Helping Us to Find a Solution


"Island Micro Solutions was instrumental in helping us to find a solution that was the best balanced in terms of flexibility, expandability, ease of use, technical support and value."


Mark A. Murashige, Assistant Vice President

Barnwell Industries, Inc.


When asked how Dynamics GP is working for them


Beautiful… I feel that I have a BAZUKA in a Gun fight.


Amro Nassar, Controller

Maui Arts & Cultural Center


No System Down Time or Critical Problems


"We have been running Great Plains for 8 months without any system down time or critical problems like we had before. All customizations to Great Plains are also working great. This would never have happened without your effort."


Frank Sakamoto, IT Manager



Knowledge of Hardware, Software and Accounting Practices


"They helped to streamline and simplify our procedures for Great Plains. Their knowledge of hardware, software and accounting practices make them invaluable to our companies. Doug is very patient, dependable, easy to work with and perseverant."


John M. Iervolino, President

Quiet Storm Records


The Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Analysis Tools


"Island Micro Solutions has created the most powerful marketing & sales analysis tools for Diamond Bakery, which we believe can be applied to any business. Just a few clicks, you’ll be able to track your company’s growth in any way you want and in any time periods you need. Yet, it is so simple and easy to use – ANYONE can learn it. The freedom it provides to make changes when you want and the money and time saved by doing it yourself is priceless. It enables any business to control the dynamics of their business and apply that information into their marketing and sales development strategies. The only limit is their imagination."


Maggie Li, Marketing Manager

Diamond Bakery Co.