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Your computer network MUST BE stable, secure, backed up, virus, spyware, and malware free, fast, fault-tolerant and documented. These are not options... these are the minimum requirements for a sound network.

Island Micro Solutions delivers proactive network maintenance services through our NetworkPM Service Plans. Designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.

Our relationship begins with evaluating your current state of technology, including infrastructure, hardware and line-of-business applications and vendors. We work with you to identify your critical business processes, pain points and vulnerabilities, and perform a threat analysis to determine your business risks. Completing this process allows us to design and implement a Technology Plan that aligns with your long-term business goals.

We become an extension of your business, a true Partner. Because our Service Plans are based on a flat monthly fee allowing you the ability to budget your IT costs annually, we assume both the financial and technical risks in our relationship, fueling our commitment to continuously identify and deliver solutions that improve your efficiencies and reduce downtime - as a true Partner should.

Businesses are continually scrutinizing IT budgets. Service quality and high-availability demands are at an all-time high and the Internet has revolutionized how organizations operate, allowing us the ability to proactively monitor your critical devices and services, and address your business pain.

24x7x365 Proactive Network Monitoring Never Sleeps

• Monitors the critical health and status of devices and line of business applications
• Remotely diagnoses problems before they occur
• Restarts essential Services automatically
• Capacity planning reports for informed IT purchasing and budget decisions
• Minimize network and device downtime that causes lost productivity

Technology and our ability to harness its benefits to improve your organization's productivity has certainly come a long way. High-speed, secure networking has evolved beyond the Local Area Network to Wide Area Networks, the Internet, Smartphones, PDA's, and beyond.

Local or Remote? Wired or Wireless?

Your ability to remain continually connected is now a reality whether spending time at home, traveling for business, or on vacation. You and others in your organization can increase productivity simply by allowing this type of accessibility.

Speed and Security

With the promise of global connectivity comes the need for speed on your internal network, along with hardened security requirements. Our solutions are designed to guarantee your ability to service your remote users' requests for data quickly and securely, preventing unauthorized intrusion attempts utilizing Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Networking, and Advanced Firewall techniques.

Home Office or Branch Office?

Remote locations need a continuous, stable, and secure connection. A secure VPN provides an inexpensive, secure and reliable method to connect.

Smartphones and PDA's

For the ultimate answer in staying connected, Smartphones and PDA's are the way to go. No longer do Blackberry and PDA owners have exclusive access to functions like Live Email and Calendar access. Smart Cell Phones have now entered the arena with numerous models, each sporting its own set of features and benefits. Let us show you how to take your connectivity needs to the next level with true mobility.

Our Network Operations Center personnel are Certified to support all Microsoft Network Operating Systems, Desktop Operating System, Microsoft Office applications and all versions of Outlook, Exchange Server and SQL Server, as well as server and desktop hardware, printers, Smartphones and PDA's.
In addition, we support line of business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and many more.

Just Pick Up The Phone

How much is it worth to your organization to receive help when you need it? Sometimes it is the difference between getting that task, project or bid completed n time, or missing your deadline. Face it - that equates to real dollars and cents.

Improve productivity and focus on running your business..

By unloading the burden of you or others in your organization having to deal with multiple vendors, you regain lost productivity - directly impacting your bottom line.

Reap the benefits of a single point of contact...

Think of the productivity you will gain on an organization-wide level by allowing us to be your single point of contact for all of your technology vendors. The days of keeping up with all of the vendors for your phone systems, computer equipment, network scanners, copiers, faxes and all of your line of business applications every time there is a problem are gone.

With our Vendor Management Program, you will only need to open up a single Trouble Ticket, and we will manage all vendor issues to resolution for you, no matter what they are, and the number of vendors involved.

Network Ops Center

  • Rapid Response
  • Certified Technicians
  • Published SLA and Escalation Process

24X7 Monitoring

  • Monitors health of devices and line of business applications
  • Diagnoses problems before they occur
  • Immediately alerts technicians of critical issues for rapid response

Vendor Management

  • Manages all infrastructure/line of business vendors
  • Recaptures your staff's lost productivity
  • Allows you to run your business, not your vendors