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If you are a small or medium-sized business in Hawaii interested in reducing costs, increasing profits and growing your business, Island Micro Solutions can help.


Information has never been more essential to the profitable management of your business. To acquire and manage the critical information necessary to make timely decisions, businesses must employ the right information technology solutions. Our accounting, business management and information technology solutions will help you attain this goal.


Unlike our competition, who is more interested in growing their business than helping you grow yours, we offer personalized, comprehensive, ʻohana-style business services.


Our business software solutions are based on the Microsoft family of products, including Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Dynamics CRM and the Windows computing platform. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Island Micro Solutions designs and delivers solutions based on our knowledge and understanding of your business. We help define the right technology solution and then assist in maximizing its usage for the most effective results. This ensures that your technology investment is strategic to your business.



  • Innovative, cost-effective solutions
  • That address your needs
  • Work the way you work
  • And are fully supported locally with one phone call


We all live in the information age where technology is a major tool in helping us run our businesses. Many times technology is one of the most important assets in the business second only to our employees.


Technology has many pieces including a network and one or more information systems (accounting, customer relationship management).


Most technology consulting firms provide one or the other. We specialize in both for small and medium-size businesses. Because of this we can ensure the systems “play nice” with each other and we can coordinate the implementation, configuration, customization and maintenance as well. We also offer comprehensive training for your users and consult with you on how to get the most out of your investment.


Island Micro Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner with a competency in Microsoft Business Solutions specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP and a competency in Network Infrastructure Solutions. We enjoy a close relationship with Microsoft for support and consider them an extension of our support services.



Information systems address areas that include accounting and business management, email, analysis and reporting, customer relationship management (CRM) and collaboration and possibly some type of vertical or industry specific piece like manufacturing or warehouse management.


Frequently information systems consulting is just a minor “afterthought” division of a network consulting firm. An existing customer asks them to install an application (e.g. accounting software) which they accommodate. Then they decide there is money to be made implementing and supporting that application. And voilà … “We sell and support XYZ application”. The problem with this approach is they do not understand the underlying purpose of the application (e.g. accounting) or what it needs to accomplish in your business.


At Island Micro Solutions we have a strong background in information systems. During the implementation phase we will analyze your needs and help you configure the system to address those requirements. When we’re supporting the system we understand what you’re trying to accomplish and how the system works. We can talk to you in terms that you understand (for accounting we speak debits and credits).



The infrastructure of the system includes servers, workstations, mobile devices, printers, backup systems, security and the Internet. This is commonly called a network.


Most network consulting firms are nothing more than break-fix guys. Your computer stops working, they fix it, and then wait until you call them again with another issue. The problem with this set up is that they actually profit when your network goes down or has a problem, and they have no real incentive to keep everything working fine because you only call when there are problems. Plus, fixing a problem always costs far more than preventing it, and in some cases where there is data corruption or loss, it could cost you far more than you would ever imagine in emergency recovery costs, loss of business, and loss of your critical data and company records.


That is why we take a proactive approach to computer support. Fact is, computer networks need ongoing maintenance and support to keep them secure and running properly. Ignore this maintenance and you will end up with data loss, slow performance, downtime, viruses, spyware, and a host of other problems. To avoid these problems, we monitor and maintain our clients’ networks to make sure their data is protected and to dramatically lower the number of technical issues they have. And in the rare case they do have a problem, we can fix it in about 1/8th of the time because we know their network and can access it remotely.



One major challenge with any information system is putting all the pieces together and making sure they work. Because we support both the network and the information systems we can ensure that the pieces work harmoniously. When one company supports the network and another company supports the information system it can be a challenge to solve some problems. The information systems guys say it’s a network problem; the network guys say it in information systems problem. This finger pointing approach is detrimental to your operations.


Because we support your entire system there is never any finger pointing. If there is a problem, we fix it – GUARANTEED! It’s that simple.

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